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Shakeology is a nutritional product produced by Beachbody. I am currently using it as a weight-loss and nutritional supplement to my healthy diet by replacing one meal a day with a delicious Shakeology shake. There are 70+ whole-food ingredients in Shakeology - so it takes care of most of your servings of vegetables, fruits, protein, antioxidants, and probiotics saving you time, money and hassle of keeping up with vitamins and cooking/preparing food. The convenience factor is what attracted me because I can make my shake in the morning and bring it anywhere I need to go to drink anytime. Busy day at work? Running around with the kids? Missed your lunch break? Tempted to just grab fast food? Try Shakeology and plan to feel increased energy, better skin and hair conditions, weight loss and decreased cravings.

For more information on the Shakeology go to or

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